Miley Cyrus has been through a great many phases when it comes to her public image and career. But the one that interests us here is not really a phase at all – it’s something that’s been a steady part of the superstar’s life for a few years now.  In 2015, Cyrus shared with the public that she had been vegan for a year, bringing a lot of always much-needed publicity to the topic. Now, she decided to show her vegan-themed tattoo and shared it with her fans in an Instagram picture.

Cyrus published a photo revealing her tattoo of the Vegan Trademark – a sunflower growing out of the letter “V” – on her left underarm. She captured the picture with “Vegan for life! ?”

The Vegan Trademark is a widely recognized symbol from the Vegan Society and can be found on vegan products around the world. The picture of the tattoo attracted an outburst of positive feedback in the comments section – both from Cyrus’s already vegan fans and those who are curious about the lifestyle.

Cyrus went vegan in 2015, following the death of her beloved dog Floyd. She chose to announce her lifestyle switch publicly to be held accountable and serve as an example to others. Ever since then, she has shared many posts promoting animal rights and vegan lifestyle (plus some vegan memes, for good measure).




“We’ve supported and influenced the growth of the vegan movement since day one,” says Abigail Stevens, Trademark Relations Officer at The Vegan Society, “and we always applaud celebrities like Miley who use their platforms to raise the profile of veganism and animal rights.”

With over 69 million followers on Instagram, Cyrus is doing a great job of promoting her message and getting the word out about what it means to be vegan to huge numbers of people, the majority of which are from the younger generations. Celebrities and public figures using their platforms to spread knowledge and even just simple awareness of veganism and similar issues are always great to see. And let us be honest, it whether you love Miley Cyrus’s or not – her choice to speak out is helping to further the cause for animal-friendly and environmentally conscious choices, massively! Thanks, Miley, looking forward to what’s next!

All image source: Miley Cyrus/Instagram