There is nothing like a successful animal rescue story to brighten up the day. This rescue story comes from Animal Aid Unlimited in India, an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned and injured homeless animals.

The Animal Aid team could not ignore the ear-piercing cries coming from an open gutter, and upon investigation, they realized a dog with several deep wounds on his legs was the sad soul crying out in pain. Rescuers took the pup, now named Felix, to the veterinarian for a thorough cleaning and suturing of his wounds. After this lifesaving treatment, Felix was taken to the Animal Aid rescue center where he soon became friends with both the dogs and humans alike, and his new happy-go-lucky dog energy began to shine through beautifully.


Felix’s priceless reaction to being saved shows us why animal rescue is so valuable. To help Animal Aid Unlimited save more innocent abandoned animals like Felix, you can make a donation to the organization here.