Animal Aid Unlimited is an animal hospital and shelter based in India that is known for going above and beyond to help animals in need – as these incredible rescues show. In the short video above, eight animals are rescued from the streets by the heroes of Animal Aid Unlimited who won’t take no for an answer when an animal is in need of help.

Sadly, millions of  homeless animals roam the streets of India. Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited rescues 15-25 sick animals every day. A feat that is made possible with the help of their rescue hotline and the swift action of locals who call them.

In the video above, we see their work in action as the rescue team dives into trash cans, underground sewers, wells, and other treacherous waters to save animals. In one particularly heartwarming moment, one of the dogs rescued by Animal Aid is reunited with his mother and siblings!

To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited and for more information on how you can help, please visit.