Dachshund Rescue South Florida has taken in a dog who was most likely used as a “bait dog.” Mandela, an adult dachshund, was left outside an animal shelter in a cardboard box during the night. He was completely unable to stand on his own and his body was covered in cuts and contusions. Thankfully his case was spotted by the Dachshund Rescue’s Shelter Monitor and the organization immediately jumped in to help.

The poor dog was given the name of a fighter, Mandela, but, as the rescuers wrote, they “had no idea how prophetic that would prove to be.”



Mandela was taken right to LeadER and only picked up his head twice on the way.  “The wounds told a story, but we didn’t know what that story was and why the injuries would be all over versus one localized area,” the rescuers said.

After examination, the vet team concluded he was most likely used as a “bait dog” in a dog fighting ring. These dogs are used to train fighting dogs to kill and suffer unimaginably.


Mandela was put on pain medication and antibiotics and his wounds were treated. For the first time in his life, he was comforted and hugged – and told that everything was going to be fine.


The rescued Dachshund is still in critical condition after he was abandoned close to death. “We could not leave him behind and our hearts broke even more when we understood what likely caused his wounds,” his caretakers wrote. Now, the rescue is raising funds for Mandela’s medical treatment so that they can give him the best care possible.


You can help by making a donation here. To learn more about Dachshund Rescue South Florida, click here.

All image source: Dachshund Rescue South Florida/Fundrazr