Planning a wedding can be difficult and require a lot of materials that may not ever be used again. With the climate emergency more present than ever, more and more people are incorporating sustainable practices into their everyday lives.

Recently, a couple shared how they plan to make their wedding sustainable in numerous viral TikTok videos. Anna Masiello @hero_to_0 has been sharing with her followers some tips and tricks to planning an eco-friendly and sustainable wedding.


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In her first video, which has been viewed almost 11 million times, the couple shared that their guests will be throwing dried leaves instead of rice or paper confetti. They use paper punchers to make lots of small hearts out of dried leaves.

“We are drying leaves and making confetti for everyone. They are super cute and naturally zero waste,” she says. “We’re testing leaves from our lemon tree, eucalyptus, olive tree, chestnut, a quince tree, laurel, ivy, and petals of tulips and orchids.”

In the following video, Masiello said that she had three options for a wedding dress; renting, secondhand, or using materials that already existed. She decided to go with the third option and shared that she found the deadstock linen in the color she was dreaming of, a dusty rose color.

The couple also said they will not buy anything new for table decorations and will instead reuse old glass jars of different sizes and shapes. Instead of flowers, they will use aromatic plants like rosemary and laurel so guests can take them home to cook with.


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In a video posted recently, Masiello shared how her partner proposed. Instead of buying her an engagement ring, he cut a small piece of the oak tree that her parents planted when she was born. He made a ring and a little box himself.


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In a video with nearly 80,000 views, Masiello shared, “In 2017 I realized my lifestyle was not aligned with my values; I was buying and doing things without thinking of their impact on the environment. Now, I fill up a trash bag every six months, I am happier, healthier and I want to help other people do the same!”


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It’s never too late to start living a more sustainable life. For those interested in adopting more sustainable practices, check out 10 Ways to Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle This Earth Day!Earth Day: 10 Plant-Based Recipes That Are Sustainable and Delicious!, A 12-Month Plan for Going Low-to-Zero Waste

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