Weddings are the best: good food, bad dancing,fun company, and a healthy dose of drama. It’s the recipe for a good time. You know what else is the best? Dogs. They’re sweet, loyal, and absolutely adorable. How could you not love them?

While weddings and dogs are both great on their own, putting the two together is next-level adorable. Dogs in human weddings, dogs in their own weddings – no matter how it goes, this combo will not fail to make you smile.

Here are ten adorable videos of weddings that included dogs and full-on dog weddings! These videos are almost too cute to handle:

1. Marge and Rogers

Source: Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC/Youtube

On June 9 of 2019, these two pups had their special day. Marge and Rogers are beagles from Triangle Beagle Rescue. Rogers had cancer and one of his bucket list items was to marry his sweetheart, Marge. They exchanged collars, toasted with treats, and were sent off with a loving “arrooo” from the guests. Then, they shared cake and cozied up in their hotel room! The whole event seems so sweet. Since the wedding, Rogers received medical treatment and is cancer-free! He and Marge are both in their furever homes, but the adorable couple still gets to see each other and their love is as strong as ever.

If you’d like to help animals like Rogers and Marge, you can donate to Tri Beagle Rescue here.

2. Lola and Miguel


What a beautiful wedding! The doggy guests looked dapper and the happy couple was absolutely adorable. There may have been an objection from one jealous pup in the crowd, but what’s a wedding without a little drama? Lola and Miguel make such a sweet pair. We’re so happy for these rescued Chihuahuas!

If you’d like to help more animals like Lola and Miguel, you can donate to HumaneCNY here.

3. Bridesmaids Carry Rescue Pups Instead of Bouquets

Source: ABC Action News/Youtube

How cute is this idea? When Andee Ondina and her new wife Tina Krasinski were planning their wedding, they wanted to raise awareness about rescuing pets and adopting not shopping. Thus, they saved these puppies and their mom from a kill shelter! Each bridesmaid carried a “puppquet” down the aisle to show off these adoptable pups to guests. This was such a great idea that was not only adorable, but also great for the animals. Flowers can get super expensive – puppies are a way cuter way to go!

4. Peaches and Duke

Source: ABC7/Youtube

Peaches and Duke are coworkers at a hospital in Texas. As therapy dogs, they do really important work. Both in need of a little break, Peaches and Duke decided to split a puppucino. It was love at first lick. From then on, people would spot the couple cuddling and kissing around the hospital! They finally got to make their vows to each other at a little hospital ceremony complete with cake and wedding photos.

5. Zeus and Abbey

Source: M Coyne/Youtube

Abbey and Zeus have a beautiful love rescue that all began at an animal rescue. Abbey was rescued from a high kill shelter and although her two puppies quickly got adopted, she had to wait over two years for her forever home. Zeus came into the rescue the next winter, a victim of severe abuse. He recovered, but emotionally he was still a bit unsure of himself aroudn other dogs. Abbey didn’t get along with the other dogs, but Zeus was different. The two instantly fell in love and rescue staff worried that they would eventually be split up. Instead, a couple came in and decided to adopt them both! The sweet couple not only got to stay together, but also celebrate their love in this beautiful ceremony!

To help dogs like Abbey and Zeus, you can donate to Speranza Animal Rescue here.

6. George Saves the Wedding

Source: Daily Mail/Youtube

George may not be the best man at Laura and James Russell’s wedding, but he definitely is the best bulldog! This incredible pup not only brought over the forgotten rings and saved the wedding, but he also showed up in style! This little skit is too cute to handle. We could all use a bulldog like George to count on!

7. Gia Upstages the Bride

Source: Inside Edition/Youtube

Wearing white to a wedding is a major faux-paw. This pup, Gia, totally stole the show when she made a surprise appearance at her owners’ wedding day, wearing her own white dress. She may have stolen the spotlight for a bit, but the surprise was definitely worth it!

8. Daisy, Zac, and Daphne the Wedding Videographers

Source: Del Sol Photography/Youtube

The bride and groom of this wedding not only decided to donate their gift registry to a local animal shelter, but they also dogs film the wedding with gopros! How cool is that? Daisy from Soy Playense, Zac from Playa Animal Rescue, and Daphne fro Muuu were a real hit at the wedding. Plus, they did a great job with the videography! Their reward? Lots of pets and affection!

You can donate to Playa Animal Rescue here!

9. Suzy and Frankie

Suzy, a foster hospice dog at City Dogs Cleveland, has terminal cancer. Thus, Jennifer Dawn, one of the employees at City Dogs Cleveland, made her a bucket list full of all kinds of adventures. One of the items on Suzy’s list was to marry her best friend, Frankie, who was adopted from the rescue! Their wedding was quite the event, complete with bridesmaids, groomsmen, a flower girl, and ring bearer. We’re so happy that despite her health, Suzy is happy and getting to make the most of life. You can watch the whole ceremony here!

10. Urma, the Wedding Crasher

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

This dog-wedding roundup wouldn’t be complete with a dog wedding crasher! Urma may not have been invited, but she sure was a great guest. She greeted everyone, took a little dip in the pond, and seemed quite happy for the newlyweds. She may have stolen their spotlight for a moment, but it was totally worth it!

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