Some pet adoption stories seem like they come straight from a Disney movie script. One of them is the story of a little puppy from Stray Rescue of St. Louis who was waiting for her forever family in a foster home. She was the last one of her siblings still being fostered – and, when her big day finally came, it turned out that it was also a very big day for her new parents. Not only because they met their new puppy, but she also became part of their family out of the blue … on their wedding day!

The puppy was out for a walk with her foster parent when they immediately ran into a wedding party…

The bride and groom were absolutely taken with the pup, showered her with kisses, and held her in their wedding photos. The little one loved them as well and gave all the kisses back.

The most wonderful part of the story was yet to come … because the very next day, the couple applied to adopt her!



The sweet puppy found her new family in a seriously unique and lovely way. Now the newly married couple surely cannot wait to see the baby dog again and become her forever parents – and, hopefully, they will be reunited very soon.

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All image source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis/Facebook