Pit Bulls are incredibly loyal animals. In fact, at one point, Pit Bulls were referred to as “nanny dogs” due to their protective nature towards children. Sadly, their loyalty has made them vulnerable to a great deal of manipulation and over the years they have been dragged into dogfighting circles by cruel individuals looking to train them to become aggressive and violent. Because of their involvement in this underground practice, many people have started to believe that Pit Bulls are inherently brutish and dangerous. Stigmas against this breed have gotten so out of control, in fact, that entire cities have banned them or are hoping to. This is sad because time and time again, we’ve been shown that the behavior these dogs exhibit is largely influenced by their guardian. If they are in a safe and loving environment, they are docile and affectionate pups. If they are brought up in an environment where fighting is encouraged and rewarded, they will lash out at people.

Thankfully, there are organizations out there who are standing up for these misunderstood pups and are even utilizing their loyalty and obedient nature for wonderful projects. For example, the Animal Farm Foundation has been collaborating with Austin Pets Alive! and Universal K9 to train pit bulls to be official police canines. While typically police officers purchase purebred dogs to help them on the field, in order to save money, officers have been adopting Pit Bulls instead!


This is truly a win-win situation. Officers get a loyal dog that is extremely obedient and quick to learn, and these rescued pups get a forever home! 

This initiative also saves the police department a ton of money. According to the Facebook page, Protect Pit Bulls From BSL, “Instead of spending $10,000 to $15,000 for a trained Belgian or [German Shepherd], they are now taking pit bulls from shelters and training them.”

The dogs seem to be enjoying it quite a bit, as well. 

And with positive enforcement, there’s no need to train these pups with violence! 

Seeing Pit Bulls with some of the city’s finest is bound to make some people ditch their preconceived notions of this breed and see these pups for who they are: wonderful companions who are incredibly devoted! 

If police officers hadn’t stepped in to save these Pitties, they likely would be euthanized by now. Sadly, the euthanasia rate for Pit Bulls, at 93 percent, is higher than any other breed. 

Instead of being put down simply for their breed, these dogs get to carry out a meaningful and honorable role in society. 

They even participate in special missions! 


Hopefully, as more people see the value Pit Bulls bring and the wonderful work they are doing, their reputation will go from bully to hero! 



It is all too easy to judge a book by its cover. While it’s easy to write off Pit Bulls as dangerous and aggressive and ban them from a city because of one bad instance, it is infinitely better to learn about their personalities and trace back what is at truly at the root of all the stigmas against them. Now more than ever it is imperative for people to realize that Pitties are simply a reflection of their guardian. By making Pit Bulls a part of the police force, it is demonstrating to the world that these dogs do not deserve to be put down, they simply need to be trained by the right person. If you think that more people should give Pit Bulls a chance, share this article to spread awareness!

All image source: Protect Pit Bulls From BSL/Facebook