The tides have turned, Green Monsters! Consumer products giant, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), and major palm oil trader, Cargill, have announced that they both will adopt a deforestation-free policy for their palm oil sourcing — thanks to pressure from nearly 400,000 consumers like you.

With weeks of emails and phone calls pouring in, P&G began to get the message. The tremendous efforts of Greenpeace, the environmental organization behind the pressure, ended with a powerful demonstration at P&G’s Cincinnati headquarters that clearly put our wants across the eyes of the company’s CEO. Banners saying “Stop Putting Tiger Survival On The Line,” and “Head & Shoulders: Wipes Out Dandruff & Rainforests,” were sprawled on the company building in an attempt to get P&G to react.

And react they did.

“If fully implemented, P&G’s announcement brings us much closer to the tipping point in which a strong No Deforestation policy becomes an entry level requirement for major buyers of palm oil,” said Joao Talocchi, Greenpeace palm oil campaigner.

P&G plans to establish traceability of palm oil to its suppliers by the end of 2015, while they aim to commit to a no deforestation policy within their palm oil supply chain by 2020.

In its’ footsteps, Cargill has also pledged to go deforestation-free. The company sent a letter to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) stating their intent. No word yet on when they project these changes to take place.

This is encouraging news! As consumers, we do have a say in what we want and the pressure, with the help of organizations like Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network, are helping to make a difference. We’re protecting paradise for Sumatran’s elephants, rhinos, tigers, and orangutans. We are helping to ensure local populations in palm oil areas are being treated with respect. And, we are putting our foot down and not letting these corporate giants  destroy unneeded rainforests for profit. We did it!

Image source: Paul Wilton / Greenpeace