There’s no doubt that people love animals. Just take one look at YouTube or scroll through Facebook and you are bound to find tons of cute videos supporting this fact. However, even the fiercest of animal lovers sometimes separate animals into two categories: companions and food. This dual perception can be seen in many of our actions. We’ll care for dogs and cats, going so far as calling them our “fur babies,” while at the very same time ignoring the plight of the millions of animals in commercial animal agriculture. We enjoy going to the petting zoo and feeding animals, and then right after we’ll go to a diner and eat a burger, without a second thought as to where that burger came from.

There are certain places, where this contrast does not exist. Places where animals of types are all given the same love, care, and chance to survive. Take Samantha, the sheep, from Farm Sanctuary, for example. Within the haven of Farm Sanctuary, Samantha is treated like an individual who deserves to live, even if she is not perfect. Even with her injured legs (something that would have likely gotten her terminated on a commercial farm) Samantha is given the best care possible. She’s not considered “broken” or “useless” but simply a work in process, just like anyone, human or animal, who accidentally gets hurt.

Thanks to the amazing people who work with Farm Sanctuary, particularly a man by the name of Ronnie Graves who has been providing state-of-the-art orthotic care to hundreds of animals, Samantha was able to get a cast and a prosthetic leg to help her achieve mobility.

And you know what? She’s still lookin’ cute as ever!



Although the animal agriculture industry would very much like us to believe that animals like cows, pigs, chicken, and sheep don’t feel pain the same way that we do, nowadays we know that this is simply not true. Sheep are intelligent, affectionate, and most certainly feel pain. Which is why, when they’re injured, they deserve just as much care as a dog or cat. We’re glad that places like Farm Sanctuary exist to illustrate this truth.

Image Source: Farm Sanctuary/Facebook