Marine animals are highly intelligent beings who do not benefit whatsoever from captivity. Orcas have a brain that is four times larger than a human’s! They are social and calculated in almost everything that they do in their natural habitat, something that marine parks have robbed from them.

Ever since the powerful documentary Blackfish shed some serious light on this issue by focusing on SeaWorld and the cruelty behind their so-called “entertainment,” many celebrities have been inspired to speak out.  It’s no wonder, considering the laundry list of animal welfare violations the film exposed, including the wild capture of dolphins and orcas kidnapped right from their mothers as their family painfully looked on.

The Blackfish backlash has been widespread and continuous, with the most recent blow to the park coming when Virgin America dropped their sponsorship of the park. Hooray! Corporations, individuals and even celebrities haven’t been shy about speaking their mind when it comes to the cruelty perpetuated by SeaWorld. We gotta say, some of the things celebs have said about the park made us love them just a little bit more. Here, in no particular order, is a compilation of our favorite celebrity, SeaWorld shade-throwing quotes.

1. Aaron Paul thinks SeaWorld is terrible!


Breaking Bad hottie, Aaron Paul had some choice words for SeaWorld via Twitter, and we dig it. He sent them a very short and to the point letter that sums up the situation perfectly. Paul has mentioned his love for animals via social media on many occasions. In addition to speaking up for the captive animals at SeaWorld, if you Google “Aaron Paul” and “animals,” you will find images of him cuddling all sorts of animals, including baby ones. Swoon.

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2. Joan Jett does not want her music played at SeaWorld!

Rocker and activist Joan Jett was recently quoted saying about SeaWorld, “I’m among the millions who saw Blackfish and I am sickened that my music was blasted without my permission at sound-sensitive marine mammals.” Jett, a long time vegetarian, has been very vocal about her love of animals and about her activism. Always current with the latest in animal rights, Jett speaks out against companies like Butterball with PETA on the regular.


3. Jason Biggs is not fooled by SeaWorld’s plans for bigger tanks!


Funny man Jason Biggs has taken many verbal jabs at SeaWorld on social media. After hearing about SeaWorld’s project to build the orcas held captive there a new living enclosure, he had a sarcastic and powerful thing to say about it. Not only does Biggs speak out for our animal friends on Twitter, he also filmed a funny, but informative “SeaWorld Commercial” for PETA.


4. Russell Brand is not entertained by cruelty!

The author and comedian also had nothing nice to say about SeaWorld, referring to their parks as one of humanity’s flaws and encouraging his Twitter followers to watch the documentary Blackfish. This isn’t the first time that this comic and actor has shamed humanity for it’s ill treatment of animals. Brand has spoken out about this topic many times in his philosophical Trews videos, one of which he called out a newspaper for a story that clearly misrepresents and underestimates animals.


5. Olivia Wilde sends SeaWorld a warning message!


The gorgeous starlet Olivia Wilde (who is also a vegetarian) tweeted a message for SeaWorld to “watch out,” and included a link to the Blackfish trailer. Wilde likely meant that the awareness created by the powerful documentary and the buzz surrounding it will create positive change for the lives of captive animals. Wilde has been referred to as the “modern day renaissance woman” due to her activism for causes such as Turning Oppression into Opportunity, helping to enrich the lives of women worldwide.


6. Steve O was so over SeaWorld’s shadiness that he pulled a Steve O.


You gotta hand it to Steve O, when the guy sets his sights on something he gives it his all. Of late, those sights have been set on animal rights, with the “Jackass” wild-man speaking out about his decision to go vegetarian while working with both PETA and Mercy For Animals. His most recent stunt had him climbing the sign for SeaWorld’s exit on a California freeway in order to make some, ahem, creative changes to it. He then took credit for it on Twitter, letting the world know exactly how he felt about it. While we don’t advocate breaking the law in the pursuit of sending a message, we gotta say that Steve O will be Steve O. The mold was official broken in the making of that guy.

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Way to go stars, using your celebrity for the greater good. Keep shining!