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For around 50 years, SeaWorld has made its fortune off exploiting orcas, bottlenose dolphins, and other forms of marine life. SeaWorld was once thought to be a leading institution for marine mammal education; however, thanks to documentaries such as Blackfish, this facade of education has been bulldozed to the ground allowing park guests to truly understand what happens behind the scenes of their favorite marine mammal shows.

Simply put, marine mammal parks will never be able to Support healthy cetaceans. By placing orcas in small concrete tanks and ripping apart pods, parks such as SeaWorld, deprive killer whales of sufficient swimming space, family bonds, and engaging hunting opportunities. In the wild, male orcas can live to be around 30 to even 60 years old while females can live an average of 50 years with some orcas even reaching over 100 years in age. In captivity, orcas only reach an average life span of about 13 years.

In just 30 seconds, PETA allows viewers into the world of SeaWorld’s captive cetaceans, showing them precisely what life is like for these beings. Watch this video and learn why it is so important to avoid SeaWorld at all costs.

If you wish to help the animals that reluctantly call SeaWorld home, PETA asks that you do not visit SeaWorld, purchase SeaWorld products, or Support the park in any other way.