You know we’ve published a whole lot lately criticizing Sea World, their blatant disregard for science, their abuse and mistreatment of captive animals, the whole inappropriate breeding thing, and some 50 other minor things… But watching this video from Jason Biggs, we COMPLETELY change our minds. He is right after all, SeaWorld is awesome!

…I am joking. Don’t worry! And so is Jason Biggs. This new amazing campaign crafted by PETA takes SeaWorld’s  positive PR spinning and turns it straight on its head. Playing off SeaWorld’s aptitude for glossing over gross animal injustice as “fun” and “a great time for kids” the actor so hilariously depicts pretty much how every Green Monster has responded to SeaWorld’s malarky.

The bottom line is, yes SeaWorld, you are great – great at being one of the worst establishments for animal protection on the planet! But enough with my poorly timed jokes — let’s leave it to the expert. Take it away, Jason!