As animal lovers, we can never understand how people can manage to be cruel to other living beings. However, the sad reality is that extreme forms of animal abuse and cruelty happen every single day.

This heartbreaking story features a blind Pit Bull named Poly who was dumped on a park bench by her former owners after they no longer had use for her. It is believed that this sweet pup was used as a breeding dog and had just given birth to a litter of puppies before she was so heartlessly abandoned. While it is horrific to think that a person could put a dog through such pain and suffering, perhaps leaving Poly on that bench was the kindest thing they ever did for her.

Once a group of rescuers came to save the dog, her life changed forever. Now, she’s getting the medical care she needs, being pampered with tons of treats, and is well on her way to find a forever home!

We are so glad Poly’s story has a happy ending and hope that things only continue to look up for her as she finds a new family!