When Chris Shindler and the Humane Society of the United States team arrived at the scene of a recent dog fighting bust, they didn’t know what to expect. What they found was a highly extensive dog fighting ring. The home was outfitted with an arena for the dogs to fight in, and the walls and carpeting were covered with blood. It was readily clear that many dogs had suffered in this cruel establishment, but thankfully, their days of fighting were now over.

As Shindler ventured into the backyard, he came across a Pit Bull huddled in a cardboard box. Pit Bulls are incredibly loyal dogs, however, this loyalty plays to their disadvantage when cruel guardians use these dogs for fighting. Because of their large stature, bully breeds are targeted for dog fighting rings which can prove incredibly dangerous and even fatal for the dogs.


Honey was one of these dogs who fell prey to the will of the malicious human who cared for her. When Shindler found Honey, she had a massive wound on her face, clearly a scar from her days of fighting. After spending some time with this abused dog, she turned into a sweet, loving dog who was incredibly grateful to be saved from this sad life. We hope Honey finds the happy life she’s waited so long for!

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