This handsome fella is named King. He is having the time of his life right now, sadly, because these are his last days.


Poor king was born in the city of Miami, where being a Pit Bull is against the law due to Breed Specific Legislation that was passed in the 90s. He had his ears cut at an early age, which must have been very painful for him, and was dumped at a Miami animal shelter, where all Pit Bulls are put to sleep.  Since “Pit Bull” is not an official breed, this law applies to all dogs labeled as pit bulls, including many mixed breed dogs, puppies, elderly dogs and beloved family pets.

So when sweet King arrived at a Miami area animal shelter, they acted fast, adopting him out to a family in nearby Ft. Lauderdale. It looked like little King had found his forever home, until the people brought him back, saying that he was behaving strangely and that he wasn’t getting along with their other dog. This time the staff also noticed that he was limping, so they contacted Passion 4 Pits, a Pit Bull rescue based in St Petersburg, Florida. Working together, they were able to get King out of the shelter and into The Blue Pearl Veterinary Practice, where he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The tumor, which is wrapped around his spinal cord is inoperable and has not responded to other types of treatment. As it progresses, King has lost his ability to walk, but this hasn’t held this guy back for a minute! Looking fit in his new wheelchair, King is now able to enjoy the great outdoors!

The doctors have estimated that poor King has about a month to live. So his new foster family has written a bucket list for him, to make his last days amazing. Starting with a big scoop of ice cream!

Looks like he liked it so much he almost ate the container!

Next on his list? A car ride!

It’s hard to tell whether he liked the car or his fuzzy toy more!

He is also having fun meeting lots of new friends.


King’s new mom has also planned a trip to the beach, a boat ride, a Pro Pit rally in Ft. Lauderdale as well as lots of puppy play dates and treats. It must be hard to adopt an animal, knowing that he will not be with you for very long. But by showering him with all that a pup could wish for, he will take the best memories with him to the rainbow bridge, which is really the best that any of us can hope for.

None of this would be possible without the dedicated people at Passion 4 Pits. Click here to learn more or make a donation to help them save more deserving pups like King.

All image source:King’s Bucket List/Facebook