Happy dance! You can now get the delicious plant-based Beyond Burger at select Target stores nationwide! Beyond Meat, a plant-based food technology company and makers of the popular Beyond Burger, recently announced the exciting news on Twitter.

The Beyond Burger can now be found at 10,000 U.S. grocery stores, such as Kroger’s and Safeway – as well as at restaurants, such as family-friendly TGI Friday’s. Click here to see if your Target store is carrying the burger!


Beyond Meat is once again helping countless people have easy access to healthier, plant-based options that are better for animals and the planet. The company’s latest new product, the Beyond Sausage, has been making waves just like the Beyond Burger. Currently, you can enjoy the Beyond Sausage at Veggie Grill and Wurstküche in Los Angeles, Schaller’s Stube in New York City, and Rosamunde Sausage Grill in San Francisco. 

By now your mouth is probably watering, so what if we said you could get a FREE Beyond Burger? We’ve launched an exciting pre-order campaign for the brand new Eat For The Planet book, co-authored by One Green Planet’s co-founder, Nil Zacharias, and acclaimed author Gene Stone. As part of this campaign, a number of incredible vegan brands have agreed to send discount and free product coupons to everyone who pre-orders the book before March 10th (that’s tomorrow!). If you want a chance to get discounts or free product coupons for the Beyond Burger (and a bunch of other vegan products), get your copy today!

All you have to do is order your copy and take a screenshot or photo of your pre-order confirmation and fill out this form. Help us save the world one bite at a time!


Image Source: Beyond Meat