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Since its debut in Whole Foods grocery stores late last year, the entirely plant-based Beyond Burger has made a huge splash in the world of food. At first glance, Beyond Meat’s ready-to-cook “raw” burger looks practically the same as a raw beef patty — it’s pink, has a texture that resembles ground beef, and the packaging even echoes the classic cellophane-wrapped burger patties that so many of us are familiar with. Not only does the Beyond Burger look the part, its meaty, juicy flavor rivals that of the traditional burgers we used to chow down on at backyard family barbecues. When cooked, the pink patties brown in the outside, giving the appearance of a medium-rare burger. And it even holds up in the protein department. The Beyond Burger boasts 20 grams of plant-based pea protein per patty — plus, it contains no soy, gluten, or GMOs.

We are living in a time where the food space is rapidly evolving. More people than ever are reducing their meat consumption and opting for plant-based options instead. The Beyond Burger is just one of the new innovations in the plant-based food space that is helping those who still crave the taste and texture of meat to cut back. Not only is Beyond Meat seeking to change the way Americans eat, they have their sights set on what may very well be a global food revolution.

Recently, the company announced that the Beyond Burger will now be available in the meat capital of the world: Hong Kong. Hong Kong, which consumes more meat per capita than any other country, will now sell the Beyond Burger at Green Common, a plant-based green living concept store aimed at enabling healthy and sustainable living.

According to David Yeung, CEO and Co-Founder of plant-based social enterprise group Green Monday, “I am proud and ecstatic that Hong Kong and Green Common will be the first place outside of the U.S. to carry The Beyond Burger. The launch of The Beyond Burger, along with all Beyond Meat products, not only will pleasantly surprise consumers with amazing taste and nutrition profile, but will also mark the official beginning of the food, health and sustainability revolution in Asia.” The Beyond Burger will be available in the protein aisle of Green Common’s market and customers will also be able to pick up a cooked burger at their in-house plant-based bistro.

“I wouldn’t compare The Beyond Burger with other plant or meat burgers; I would compare it to the iPhone or Tesla, because it is, simply, a game-changer,” according to Green Monday CEO and Co-Founder David Yeung.


This sentiment has been echoed by One Green Planet’s Co-Founder Nil Zacharias, which illustrates that innovations in the plant-based protein space are so much more than just another veggie burger option – but represent a real solution to looming concerns over future food security and environmental destruction imminent with a rising population.

Following the launch of the Beyond Burger at Green Common, it will also be available at The Butcher’s Club, a popular burger restaurant in Hong Kong that is centered around offering high-quality dry-aged beef. If the success of the plant-based Impossible Burger (also known as “the burger that bleeds) at high-end meat-centric restaurants and Bareburger chains is any indication, adding a patty that is practically indistinguishable from the real thing is a smart move — kind of like the Trojan horse of the food revolution. With Americans choosing more plant-based protein options and the meat capital of the world signing on with the Beyond Burger, we can see that the future of food does not lie with animal protein — it’s plant-based and the change has already begun.

There’s no doubt that this is fantastic news — and if you’re looking for homemade vegan burger recipes, check out the Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone. With over 8,000 vegan recipes (and over 10 new recipes added daily), you’re going to find something you love!

Lead image source: Beyond Burger