Homeless animals are often all but invisible, blending in to the streets on which they live to the point that they go unseen and unaided by the humans around them. Globally, the issue of homeless animals is a huge one. There are about 70 million strays living per year in the United States alone, with only six to eight million of them ever making it to shelters.

That’s millions upon millions of animals living on the streets, fending for themselves against disease, injury and hunger, but photographer Traer Scott is working to change our perception of these strays through his groundbreaking book, Street Dogs.


Scott traveled with a group of animal rescuers across Puerto Rico and Mexico and documented the conditions and day to day life of the dogs they encountered as efforts were made to help them.

The results are candid and thought-provoking. These animals are just several of millions who must live a life fending for themselves instead of being cared for by a loving family. With the popularity of purchasing dogs instead of supporting local shelters, the problem will only continue to mount unless we each do something to stop it in its tracks. We can combat this problem only when we diligently spay and neuter our companion animals and adopt instead of shop, which will begin to lessen the  stray pet overpopulation issue. Every dog deserves a chance. It’s up to us to give it to them.


Beach Dog on Roof

Running Mates

Nursing Mother


New Arrival at Dead Dog Beach

Surrogate Mother

Cocker Spaniel

Rear View


Pack at a Rural Dump



Puppy at a Dump


All image source: Traer Scott Photography