Kevin the moon bear was once a victim of bear bile farming, an industry that subjects bears to unimaginable cruelty for the sake of extracting and selling their gallbladder fluid. It’s a painful existence that no bear should have to go through, but lucky for Kevin, he was rescued by Animals Asia and now lives at a sanctuary with other rescued bears. Although he might have come to the sanctuary with a great fear of humans,  he is now known as “the smiling bear!”

Meet Kevin, the happiest moon bear in the world!

 You would never know that this bear, described as the “life and soul of the sanctuary” by Animals Asia, was once subject to the horrors of bear bile farming


His caretakers loving say that “everyone needs a Kevin in their life.” This moon bear is the life of every party! 

 He’s also very aware of when he’s being photographed. “Is that a camera I see? Alright, here’s my best Blue Steel!”



In spite of what he’s faced, Animals Asia says that Kevin is able to find the joy in anything. This sweet moon bear gets to spend the rest of his life in peace, socializing with his fellow bears. We hope that his story and smile can brighten your day in the same way it does for sanctuary volunteers!


If you’d like to learn more about Animals Asia and the amazing work they do, you can visit their website. For more rescue stories, visit their official Facebook page.

All image source: Animals Asia/Facebook