Laos Wildlife Rescue Team rang in the first month of the new year with a huge win for their rescued sun and moon bears. The bears in their care have been relocated to a new awesome enclosure. All of these bears were rescued from this organization after experiencing years of neglect from their previous handlers. The new enclosure has been dubbed a “bear park” and houses 19 bears in total with plenty of space for more. They also were gracious enough to take amazing photos of the experience for the world to see!

This serene looking bear is taking in the sights and sounds of his brand new environment. It’s also possible that he’s posing for the camera. You might not think that animals know when they’re on stage, but we’ve got a few videos that disagree with that!

Many of these bears have never actually experienced grass or soil. It’s got to be a total sensory overload – look at his nose twitch!

“New home, new toys!”

“Yup! This is definitely new sanctuary smell! Ahhhhhh!”

This bear is trying to be casual on top of his new tower, but everything about this photo says “I’m cute and I know it”!

Have you ever been so happy that you have no idea what to do with yourself? If not, this is what it feels like!

Isn’t it amazing how every bear has its own unique personality? We’re glad that these guys and gals are finally getting the love and space they deserve. To see more of them and to keep current with their latest antics, follow the Laos Wildlife Rescue Team on Facebook!


All image source: Laos Wildlife Rescue/Facebook