If you’ve recently found out about bear bile farming and would like to see it become a thing of the past, here is our guide to effectively campaigning to end the cruelty.

1. Tell the World

Animals Asia firmly believes that every additional person who finds out about bear bile farming brings us one step closer to ending the practice. Nobody who is aware of the innate cruelty of bile extraction can ever condone its existence. Please, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, share information on social media like Facebook and Twitter and let the world know bear bile farming must end.

5 Ways You Can Help End Bear Bile Farming

2. Form a Volunteer Support Group

Animals Asia is proudly supported by networks of dedicated supporters from all over the world. If you feel strongly about bear bile farming, then form a Volunteer Support Group. You’ll be in good company. From Glasgow to Vancouver like-minded people are uniting through the shared goal of ending cruelty. To form your own, or to join an existing support group, send an email here.

5 Ways You Can Help End Bear Bile Farming

3. Organise an Event

The most effective way to help end bear bile farming is through positive action such as organising an event in your local area. These can take many forms from a dinner party to a concert and can be an incredible amount of fun for organizers and participants alike. Make new friends and a make a real difference all in one go.

5 Ways You Can Help End Bear Bile Farming


4. Sign up and Stay up to Date

Sign up to our Animals Asia page and we’ll keep you up to date on ways to help, petitions to sign and news of our progress.

5 Ways You Can Help End Bear Bile Farming

5. Donate

The work of organizations like Animals Asia is entirely funded by our incredible supporters around the world who donate to our programs. With their help, we have been able to rescue and rehabilitate over 500 bears in China and Vietnam. We’ve also made significant progress raising awareness of the cruelty of bear bile farming and working with parties including traditional medicine practitioners and governments.

Once animals are saved from the bear bile industry, their care doesn’t stop there. Each animal rescued is a commitment to care for them for the rest of their natural lives. It’s a huge and costly commitment, but one which we and our supporters firmly believe is worth the investment.

5 Ways You Can Help End Bear Bile Farming


All image source: Animals Asia/Flickr