Oh man, I can certainly relate to the bears in this video. I’ve always thought that if I could be any other animal, I would be a bear … I mean, they literally get to sleep for months on end and no one even bothers them about it! I do my best hibernating bear impression with the hope that my hoomans will finally get it and just let me snooze all day! But alas, I have a very important job to do as the Chief Happiness Officer, so I can’t possibly nap all day – only about 9 out of 12 hours, give or take.

But my love for lazing around aside, this video makes me bear-y happy because all the fluffballs featured were rescued by Animals Asia. These sun and moon bears were saved from life in bear bile farms (SERRRIOUSLLYYYY one of the worst things I’ve ever known to exist).  But thanks to the awesome people who gave them a new life at this sanctuary, those days are over! They deserve to enjoy their snooze-time after what they’ve been through – so snooze on bears!