Although we typically view bears as scary, intimidating animals, in reality, they’re subject to abuse and cruelty at the hands of humans just as readily as any other animal. From being held in bile farms, to being hunted for their paws, and even stolen from the wild to be trained to dance, the world’s bears are hardly exempt from cruelty. The good news, however, is that there are many people out there fighting to help these animals.

Take International Animal Rescue (IAR), for example. This amazing rescue organization has many animals in their care, some of which are former dancing bears. These fluffy black bears were once used for entertainment as begging props, but they have since been retired to a life of pure bliss at IAR’s rescue facility.


In this clip, we get a peek into snack time for the bears. We know bears love to snack – but apparently these guys just can’t wait! They chase after the truck forming what has to be the cutest stampede ever. Sure they could probably work on their patience, but we’ll forgive them. After all, nothing says happy and healthy like a hearty appetite!

To learn more about these bears and the organization who saved them, check out International Animal Rescue’s website and their Facebook page.