The dog meat trade has been a hot topic over recent years with most of the public outcry aimed at China, where the Yulin Dog Meat Festival (also known as The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival) occurs every year. However, the consumption of dog meat occurs in many Asian countries. While no longer a popular practice, eating dog meat still results in the torture and murder of millions of dogs (and cats) each year.


Indonesia is a country in which 93 percent of the population does not concur with eating dog meat, so making it outlawing it wouldn’t affect the majority. Making the practice illegal is exactly what is being asked of the Indonesian government in a Care2 Petition posted by Dog Meat Free Indonesia.

The cruel dog meat trade is not only a brutal injustice to dogs across Indonesia, it also poses serious health concerns to the small number of Indonesian citizens that still participate in the practice. Human deaths from rabies are associated with the handling and consumption of dog meat. For the dogs, oftentimes stolen pets, it means unimaginable suffering, and pain. Their mouths and legs are tightly bound, they are thrown into cages and sacks in unnatural positions with virtually no room to move much less breathe- and the slaughter, it is far too horrifying to put into words.

You can help seal the deal on making this barbaric practice a thing of the past in Indonesia. You will not only be sending a message to the Indonesian authorities, but also to other countries in Asia that this way of life is disgusting and dangerous. Sign the petition and share it to stand up for the millions of innocent dogs that are depending on us to set them free.


Image Source: Pixabay