Remember Gito, the baby orangutan who first arrived into the care of International Animal Rescue (IAR) a couple of months ago? He had been heartlessly abandoned in a cardboard box, and a painful parasitic skin infection had turned him a sickly gray color. His rescuers feared that he would not survive, but they still did as much as they possibly could to save him.

Luckily, their efforts paid off, and little by little, this sweet boy began to recover. His natural orange color returned, and he soon felt well enough to attend IAR’s “baby school” (where baby orangutans learn the survival skills they will need to reintegrate into the wild) and enjoy climbing trees!

The wonderful news is that he is now feeling strong and healthy, and is up for virtual adoption! IAR has just posted a video demonstrating that “he has been transformed beyond recognition” while in their care. The sight of his bright, curious eyes and playful demeanor is bound to melt your heart. You can apply to adopt Gito here. To learn more about the incredible, life-saving work of IAR, visit their website.

Another way that you can help orangutans like Gito is by cutting palm oil out of your life. The deforestation and environmental havoc wreaked by the palm oil industry in Borneo and Sumatra has deprived many orangutans and other animals of their homes and families. To learn more, check out the articles below: