Gito, the baby orangutan in this video, had a pretty horrible start in life. He was found abandoned in a shoebox with no mother in sight. He was massively dehydrated and his hair had fallen out due to a parasitic skin infection. Based on his devastating appearance, rescuers from IAR (International Animal Rescue) likened him to a mummy.

Even though things weren’t looking too good for Gito, IAR rescuers did everything they could to save him. And thanks to all their care and love, Gito managed to pull through and is getting stronger every day!

Little Gito still has a long way to go until he’s fully recovered, but you can see that he is giving it his all in this awesome video update! Sara, one of the volunteer vets with IAR, is helping young Gito with some much needed gentle physical therapy, which involves swinging around on his jungle gym. Seeing this, there’s no doubt little Gito will be climbing trees and getting into all sorts of mischief with the Center’s other orangutans soon!

To learn more about IAR and the incredible work they do, check out their website, here.