When we first met Budi the orphaned baby orangutan, he was in so much pain he could barely move without crying out. The poor 10-month-old orangutan had been living in a chicken cage and was fed only condensed milk, which caused him to be extremely malnourished. Weak and swollen, caretakers from International Animal Rescue were concerned that Budi wouldn’t be able to pull through.

Over the course of a few weeks, Budi has improved immensely and is still fighting hard to recover. Not only has he started to feed himself from a bottle, but he has transitioned to eating puréed fruits and vegetables. Now, little Budi is working on getting his tiny muscles back into shape!


In this video, Budi is getting physical therapy. While the small motions might not look like a lot, when he first came to the rescue center he could not move his limbs at all!

Way to go Budi, we’re all rooting for you! To make a donation to help International Animal Rescue care for Budi, click here.