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While some people may think that having an exotic pet is no different than caring for a dog or cat, they could not be more wrong. The fact of the matter is, wild animals belong in the wild. People often take in exotic animals without proper knowledge of their diet or social needs which causes these animals to become sick and incredibly distressed. Even caretakers who can provide space and a suitable diet are never able to replicate life in the wild.

Budi, the baby orangutan, was sadly the victim of the exotic pet trade and spent the first 10 months of his life locked in a chicken cage, fed only condensed milk.


Orangutans are highly endangered and often fall prey to the pet trade as humans encroach further into their native habitat. In the wild, baby orangutans are entirely dependent on their mothers for care – like a human child – and don’t leave their mother’s side until they reach their teen years. Budi’s former caretaker had no idea what his needs were and thought milk was the best option.

Baby Orangutan Who Spent 10 Months Living in a Chicken Cage Finally Receives Love and Proper Care (VIDEO)

Luckily, Budi was discovered by International Animal Rescue (IAR) and is now, for the first time in his life, getting the care he needs. Poor Budi suffers from malnutrition and his limbs and body are extremely swollen which causes him an immense amount of pain. His caretakers explain that despite his pain, Budi is a fighter and is making progress.

Baby Orangutan Who Spent 10 Months Living in a Chicken Cage Finally Receives Love and Proper Care (VIDEO)

It will be long road to recovery for Budi, but he is in perfectly capable hands. When Budi is strong enough, it is likely that he will join a group of other young orangutans who live at IAR’s rescue center. These little orangutans go to “school” where they learn how to make nests, forage for food and all the other skills they might need to survive in the wild. The ultimate goal of IAR is to release the animals in their care back to a safe, wild habitat where they can live like regular orangutans.

But to reach this goal, Budi needs our help! Click here to make a donation to IAR to help them provide all the care and attention Budi needs.

Good luck Budi, we believe in you!

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All image source: North Downs Picture Agency