When Budi the orangutan was first brought into International Animal Rescue’s Orangutan Rescue Center, it seemed like all the odds were stacked against him. Budi spent the first 10 months of his life as a pet, living in a chicken cage. The woman who owned Budi was unprepared to care for a wild orangutan and as a result, he was fed a diet of condensed milk which caused him to be malnourished.

Budi was extremely ill when he was rescued by International Animal Rescue, but thanks to the care of the veterinary staff at the Orangutan Rescue Center, he is finally beginning to recover. Initially, little Budi barely had the strength to open his mouth and his limbs were so swollen he could not move without being in excruciating pain. Now that he has been put on a diet befitting of a young orangutan, the swelling has subsided and he is regaining his strength.


In this video, Budi looks happy and healthy, munching away on his pureed food. Budi has already improved an enormous amount and we hope his recovery continues to be as successful!