In recent decades, life has grown progressively tougher for the critically endangered orangutan. As palm oil plantations continue to ravage the once lush rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo, the animals of these regions have sadly found themselves clinging onto life by a thread, often relying on the kindness of humans who understand that they need to be saved, as well as the assistance of a number of dedicated rescue organizations.

International Animal Rescue (IAR) is one such group, which has rescued and rehabilitated many orphaned, ill, and injured orangutans over the years, and helped them to enjoy the simple pleasures of life once more. For one baby orangutan named Gito, their expertise and care will be critical in helping him to survive.

Gito was found by IAR after being dumped in a cardboard box and left to die. Rescuers described his shocking plight thus: “When our rescue team in West Borneo reached Gito the baby orangutan, at first they feared he was already dead. His arms were folded corpse-like across his tiny body and he looked almost mummified in his cardboard coffin. Gito had barely any hair on his body and his skin was grey and flaking from a highly contagious parasitic skin infection. The constant itching and pain must have been excruciating.”

The video above shows, in excruciating detail, just how hard IAR workers must fight to save him. They are currently appealing for donations to help cover the cost of his care. To donate now, click here. For advice on how to wean yourself off palm oil and improve the future outlook for orangutans like Gito, check out this amazing article.