It seems like only yesterday we were introduced to Budi the orphaned orangutan who had been kept as a pet for the first 10 months of his life. When this small, ill baby was brought to International Animal Rescue’s (IAR) rehabilitation center suffering from severe malnourishment, there were serious doubts over whether he would make it or not. But thanks to the care and attention of IAR’s expert team, little Budi is swinging into recovery!

From his first bites of solid food to the first time he met another orangutan his age, Budi has delighted us all with his amazing spirit and resilience. Now, we are so proud to report that little Budi has started orangutan school! Our little orangutan is growing up!



With his best friend Jemmi by his side, Budi is adjusting well to his new school environment.


Alan Knight, CEO of International Animal Rescue, said: “The introduction of Budi and Jemmi to baby school is a significant milestone in the development of both babies. As time goes on they will learn from the other orangutans how to climb and forage for food, just as they would in the forest. Young orangutans learn a great deal by imitating and copying each other, just like human children. They will also gradually shed their dependence on their human babysitters as they develop bonds with each other.”



We could not be more thrilled to see Budi reach this important milestone and are confident there will be many more to come!

To learn more about International Animal Rescue or to make a donation to help them care for Budi and his friends, click here.

All image source: IAR