When Budi the orangutan was rescued by International Animal Rescue, there were serious doubts that he would ever return to the wild. Budi was kept as a pet and fed only condensed milk which caused him to be extremely malnourished. His journey to recovery has been a long one, and it is hardly over, but this vivacious orangutan is making progress every day.

Now Budi is strong enough to interact with other orangutans!

In this video, Budi meets Jemmi for the first time. Like Budi, Jemmi was kept as a pet and spent the first few months of his life isolated and starving. Neither of these young orangutans has seen another of their kind since they were snatched from their mothers. Orangutans are extremely social beings, so having friends is very important to their well-being. As luck would have it, Jemmi and Budi kit it off in no time!

Seeing these two babies climb and play together simply warms our hearts! Good luck with the rest of your recovery, little guys!