Deforestation, poaching, and the expansion of palm oil plantations have pushed orangutans into endangered status. In fact, the video states that there could be less than 45,000 of them left in their natural habitat of Borneo. But the good news is that many people are standing up for these animals. For every human mucking things up, there’s another five out there trying to make things right!

The cute 18-month-old baby orangutan Kabaco and his mother Ah Foo, featured in this video, were rescued from a palm oil plantation after a worried farmer noticed the two animals and raised an alarm to get them out before harvesting began. Ah Foo and Kabaco were both saved from being caught in the harvesting process, but their home was destroyed.

Ah Foo and Kabaco were relocated to a new habitat and are doing great in their new home, but they wouldn’t have had to go through that if palm oil wasn’t in such high demand.

The best thing you can do to keep orangutans from losing their home is avoiding palm oil products at all costs. This tricky ingredient shows up in a number of consumer goods, so be sure to check the labels of everything from snacks to cosmetics – and check out this helpful resource for more on palm oil.