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Unfortunately, orangutans are critically endangered. Their habitat is destroyed for palm oil, and they are often victims of poaching. A few months ago, an orangutan named Hope was rescued after being brutally attacked with a pellet gun. She was found with 74 air rifle bullets in her body, and her one-month-old baby did not survive. Like Budi, in the video above, she was rescued, cared for, and nursed back to health. Unlike Hope, Budi wasn’t necessarily attacked, but she was kept in terrible conditions as a pet.

Wild or exotic animals are not pets. They belong in the wild, and if for some reason they cannot be free in the wild, they belong at an accredited sanctuary that knows how to properly care for them. Sadly, Budi was kept as a pet until it was clear that she could no longer be kept this way.

Budi was kept in a wire cage and was only being fed condensed milk. Thankfully, International Animal Rescue found him, and they carefully and lovingly nursed him to health. He started as just a small baby orangutan who’d just lay on his pillows with his blanket, crying whenever he was touched and unable to chew food, to learning how to walk and climb on trees!

Watch the full video to see his wonderful transformation!

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