Whales are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. These majestic beings are some of the oldest species and have adapted to live in perfect harmony with their environment. Unfortunately, humans have made this perfect existence increasingly difficult for whales and all marine life. Between the 8.8 million tons of plastic that get dumped in the oceans every year, overfishing which is leaving the world’s oceans virtually devoid of all life, pointless and cruel hunts, and the use of sonar and large ships that disturb the placid marine environment, AND pulling them out of the wild for the sake of captivity, we’ve set whales on a fast path to extinction.

Some people may not be too concerned over the loss of the whale – after all, we rarely see these creatures – but what few understand is how dynamic and similar these marine mammals are to us. In this video, we see a humpback whale calf trying to help get his stranded mother back out to deeper waters.


According to reports ScienceAlert, the mama whale was swimming off the coast of North Stradbroke Island in Australia’s Moreton Bay, when she became trapped in shallow waters. We don’t know how the baby knew exactly what to do, but thanks to his diligent nudging and prodding, he eventually gets his massive mother back into deeper waters.

Seeing the intelligence and compassion displayed in this simple video is sure to change how you see whales. It is up to us to protect these beautiful animals, so share this video and encourage others to learn a little more about our aquatic friends.