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Having trouble with Pollution? Overfishing got you down? Have you had it up to your dorsal fin with people hunting you and your friends to the brink of extinction? Well then, better call … Sea Shepherd Legal!

All of you can just speak to my attorney!


Officially launched on World Wildlife Day 2015, the new Sea Shepherd legal team aims to fulfil UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s World Wildlife Day message, “It is time to get serious about wildlife crime.” The non-profit will work to enforce and strengthen existing laws protecting marine life as well as develop new ones.

While they share the common goal of protecting our aquatic resources, Sea Shepherd Legal is entirely separate from other Sea Shepherd entities. Comprised of attorneys, scientific advisors and partners, the organization will fight the atrocities committed against our oceans in the courtroom instead of taking direct action in the open seas. This is probably for the best as a ship full of lawyers chasing a dolphin hunting ship might not turn out as planned, even though if one fell in a shark probably wouldn’t eat them out of professional courtesy … we couldn’t resist.

May we approach the bench?

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In all seriousness, a legal group dedicated solely to the plight of the marine realm couldn’t come at a better time. Irresponsible fishing practices have not only wiped out 90 percent of the ocean’s top predators, but endangered species are being poached or caught inadvertently as bycatch. If fishing rates continue as they are, predictions indicate that all of the world’s fisheries will collapse by 2048.

It’s not just ocean inhabitants that are in danger, but the oceans themselves too. A delicate eco-system, oceans are suffering as a result of bottom trawling from fishing vessels that tear up the sea floor to the point that they look like vast wastelands. Not to mention, the influx of toxic Pollution from sources like dredge dumping, plastic and agricultural waste water run-off.

Time to stop the damage before it’s too late


Sea Shepherd Legal intends to not only combat these issues through policy making, as well as direct litigation, but they’ll also supplement that mission with outreach activities intended to educate everyone from individuals to government entities whose actions directly impact the marine environment and wildlife.

It’s exciting to know that ocean species and their environment will now have their own legal team. They’re like pirates of the courtroom! Seriously, they passed the barrrrr.

Lead Image Credit: Neyra Law/Science Mag