Elephants are amazing animals. Not only are they beautiful, intelligent, and strong, but they also have big personalities, too. Just check out the adorable baby bull elephant in this video, spotted charging a vehicle near the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambezi. Baby elephants are known for thinking big – despite their current size of station – and we certainly think this “tough guy” fits that bill.

Perhaps what is most amazing about this video is the fact that these elephants are living wild and free, not put on display or exploited to generate profit. Despite the big bucks involved in cruel activities like killing elephants for ivory and trophy hunting, economists have demonstrated that by keeping these wild animals alive and leaving them in their natural habitats, they become a renewable resource, drawing in more dollars through ecotourism. This proves that there is more to be gained through observing and studying these magnificent animals than there can ever be through capturing or killing them.