Every artist has their medium. Picasso had paint to give his abstract ladies life, Chihuly has glass to create whimsical gardens and the husband and wife team of Paul and Remy Hoggard construct awe inspiring animal sculptures with…sand.

I know you’re probably picturing those sand castles that you used to build as a kid at the beach. You know, the crumbly, half formed mounds that loosely fit the description of a “castle.” Yeah, these aren’t quite the same thing.


Intricate in design and massive in scale, the Hoggards sculpt immense and breathtaking works of art, depicting animals with such detail and artisanship that they leave those fortunate enough to see their work first hand both taken in by their beauty and gobsmacked by their medium.

With installations in Ireland, England, South Korea, The U.S, Kuwait and Iran to name a few, these Green Monsters travel the world creating ephemeral works of art with sand, buckets and their own two hands before returning to their sustainable organic farm in Bulgaria.

With an Expression of Pure Anticipation, a Gorilla Reaches for a Spot of Lunch.

The detail in his hands and spot-on look of calm intelligence on his face make it almost impossible to fathom that he is 100% sand and not a majestic gorilla in the midst of a snack attack.



A Pair of Birds Sits Atop the Twisting Branches of a Tree Formation.

Birds of a feather flock together? Not so for this friendly looking flock. Cuddling affectionately, the bird couple at the top seem to be watching over a pretty diverse gathering of feathered friends.



This Family has a lot of Pride.

Female lions are predominately responsible for managing the needs of their pride while the males fight off potential interlopers.  This seems like a restful moment for the family, but junior wants to play with daddy!



This is the Cutest Sand Ever!

I mean, c’mon, don’t you just wanna pick him up and cuddle him? Except, don’t do that. Wild animals  are wild and shouldn’t be approached, no matter how cute. Plus, this guy is made out of sand so…


Not All of Their Sculptures Have a Lighthearted Feel.

Their Elephant Graveyard sets a much more somber tone. It’s evocative of the natural progression of time and is the most complex piece the Hoggards have ever created, taking 3 weeks to construct and using 700 tons of sand!


Elephants are Their Favorite Animals.

Can you blame them? Elephants are smart, majestic and completely adorable. Plus, with habitat loss and poaching for their ivory threatening the future of elephants in the wild, art like this can remind people that these and other animals need to be protected.

Trumpeting for Joy!



Scientists have been lauding the intelligence of elephants for years, with more and more studies proving daily that their cognitive abilities are incredibly advanced. With small and often minimally stimulating enclosures available to them in zoos, elephants are designed for life in the wild.


This Herd Looks as if it’s Emerging From the Sand Itself.

Wild cattle face their own set of threats, but there doesn’t seem to be much slowing this group down.

Little Owl With Wise Eyes.


A grouping of owls is called, among other things, a wisdom. This fits, considering that owls represent wisdom and helpfulness for many cultures. Remy designed this sculpture in tribute to her grandmother, whose spirit she believes lives on in an owl that lives on their farm.