So you want an intimate, up-close photograph of a wild lion, but you’re not sure how to get it? Maybe you can try what New Zealand photographer Chris McLennan did to capture amazing photographs of a pride of lions in Botswana. He mounted a camera to a remote control car and drove it right into the pride of lions, getting greats shots without putting himself or the lions in danger.

As McLennan’s remote control surveillance car drove straight into the pride, it took a little time to peak the majestic cats’ interest, but soon after they were following it around and even biting at it. After luring the pack of lions around for a bit, one lion finally grabbed the remote control car by its teeth and ran off with it.

When McLennan finally recovered the car and the camera, the photographs he captured were nothing less than spectacular. Watch till the end of the video to see these awesome shots!

After years of specializing in wildlife and adventure photography, McLennan may be on to a new way of documenting lions and other amazing creatures in the wild. Like the lions, so many animals are now threatened by habitat loss and increased interaction with humans, but by using a remote control device to document these beautiful creatures, we can eliminate some of this human interaction while still getting the intimate and compelling shots.