Alec Baldwin is teaming up with PETA in a new video that seeks to expose the cruel realities behind animals in circuses. Performing animals have, over the decades, become a cultural norm. However, despite how accepted it is, forcing animals to perform goes against most, if not all, universal, decent morals.

In the Draw My Life video, viewers see the horrors that traveling animal acts face. Apparently, Baldwin pounced on the opportunity to be part of this video and voices a tiger who urges children to avoid circuses that have exotic wildlife performers.

This video is timely, considering that a tiger, who was once used by Ringling Bros. circus, recently escaped from a truck. The poor, confused animal was shot dead because these animals are seen as property and little else.

Watch the video for yourself and please share today. More people need to know this truth so that performing animals can be seen as the cruel practice it’s always been. We can’t allow this to happen any longer. Instead, check out these wonderful, animal-free circuses. At the end of the day, animals should be free and not forced to perform for us.