The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation, founded in 1991, is an Indonesian non-profit organization dedicated to the conserving the Bornean orangutan and its habitat. BOS works in cooperation with local communities, as well as the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and international partner organizations to achieve their goals. Amazingly, BOS is currently taking care of almost 750 orangutans with the help of 400 staff members.

Recently, BOS rescued a five-year-old female orangutan in the Tanggirang village, Kapuas Hulu, with the help of the Central Kalimantan BKSDA. But this sweet girl is an orangutan like no other: she’s albino.


BOS medical staff determined she is an albino orangutan because her hair, eye, and skin color are all paler than a normal orangutan. She is also sensitive to light. Her eyes are so stunning!

According to BOS, she was held captive by local residents for two days. Now she is in the safe hands of BOS staff while they continue to monitor her and conduct routine medical tests. 

Because of her unique beauty, this sweet orangutan has touched many people worldwide. BOS now needs a unique name to match her gorgeous appearance. If you have an idea, click here to submit a name!


If you’re feeling inspired by her beauty, now is the time to speak up for orangutans! Orangutans share about 97 percent of the same DNA as humans and are very similar to us in many ways, but because of our own actions, the fate of these amazing animals has been compromised. Orangutans are native to the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Being that they are an arboreal species, they are dependent on the lush rainforest environment for their livelihood. Tragically, the area of rainforest across these islands has declined by over 80 percent in the past two decades alone, primarily due to palm oil production.


It’s currently estimated around 300 football fields of rainforest are leveled every hour to make way for palm oil plantations. Without the rainforest, orangutans are forced onto palm oil plantations where they are viewed as “pests” and either shot point blank or captured and sold into the illegal wildlife trade. If their habitat continues to be destroyed, they have little to no chance at survival and scientists estimate they could be extinct from the wild in the next 20 years.

The future of the orangutan is in our hands. Learn how to cut palm oil out of your life by clicking here.

Support organizations working on the ground to protect the orangutan’s native environment, as well as organizations like BOS that specialize in the rescue and rehabilitation of orangutans is great. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family so they can admire this rescued albino orangutans unique beauty too!

Image source: Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation/Facebook