As if you needed another reason to fall madly in love with adorable adoptables, these ten super-cute rescue pet memes ought to make you melt into a puddle of puppy (and kitty, and chicken) love. Who can resist these faces?

With millions of pets across the U.S. in need of new families, adoption should be the only option. Who knows, one of the dogs, cats, chickens or gerbils below might just be your furry soulmate. All of these cutie pies are in need of forever homes full of snuggles, playtime and kisses ad infinitum.


Check ’em out, Green Monsters, and share their stories (who knows — maybe this post is just what a friend needs to convince them to bring home a new companion!)

Ogi: Warm Hearts Pet Rescue, Boynton Beach, FL


Meet Ogi, a handsome, five-years-young leopard hound/Dane mix. According to the folks at Warm Hearts, his 80-pound pup digs swimming, being the center of attention, running and loving on his favorite humans. He’d be best as an only dog in a home with no kids and no cats, and he’ll love you forever!

Potential adopters should fill out an application here.  


George: City of Los Angeles South LA Animal Shelter, Los Angeles, CA


Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals in need of homes. Chickens need love, too! George is a handsome rooster who needs a family of his own. Chickens are affectionate and way smarter than most people give them credit for — plus, they’re full of personality.

Potential adopters can visit the shelter at 1850 W. 60th St. Los Angeles, CA 90047, call 888-4LAPET1 (888-452-7381) or visit the shelter’s website.

Quinn: City of Boston Animal Shelter, Boston, MA


Quinn the poodle mix is an upbeat dude. According to the folks at the shelter, he’s between six and eight years young and weighs just 12 pounds. An energetic fellow, he was found as a stray. Quinn loves treats, gets along with other dogs and is totally into dancing to Pharell. He’s also housebroken. SCORE!

Potential adopters can visit the shelter at 26 Mahler Road in Roslindale, Mass., 02131, call (617) 635-1800 or (617) 635-1913 or visit their site here. Quinn’s pet ID is 13-815-quinn.

Taylor: Cat Matchers, Dallas, TX


Taylor is an eight-year-old tabby  cat who’s all about the cuddles. According to the good people at Cat Matchers, she’s into cuddling, sleeping, eating, cuddling, playing and cuddling some more. Basically, she loves cuddles (and kisses and purrs).

Potential adopters should call 972-458-PURR (7877), or email [email protected].

Dusty: Second Chance for Cats, Bluefield, WV
Gorgeous gray Dusty is just a couple months old, and this baby needs a family to show him the ways of the world! According to the Second Chance for Cats crew, his pregnant momma ended up in a kill shelter, but the rescue saved her so she could have her babies in peace. Dusty loves to run and play and do other kitteny stuff, but also enjoys perching in a soft spot and watching the world go by.


Potential adopters should visit this site

Moose: Home FurEver, Detroit, MI


Big, gentle Moose had a rough start. According to Home FurEver, this pit bull/American Staffordshire Terrier mix survived parvo and surgery for hip dysplasia (which left him with a unique gait that only adds to his charm). This three-year-old boy loves daily walks, playing with other pups and snuggling up on the couch. He’s lived with children and did well with them, but can be pretty protective of his people, so he’s best in a home with a stronger handler, according to the folks at Home FurEver.

Potential adopters should visit this site or email [email protected].

Sailor: City Dogs Rescue, Washington, DC


This cutie patootie is a one-and-a-half year old Cocker Spaniel/Labrador mix (of sorts). Easygoing and smart, the City Dogs people say this gentle, 43-pound boy gets along great with other dogs and felines, too. He’s house trained, good in his kennel and a fun-loving fella!

Potential adopters should fill out an application here.

Alf: Humane Society of Atchison, Atchison, KA


Alf’s no alien, but he is out-of-this-world awesome! According to the Humane Society staff, this handsome lab mix is neutered, house trained and ready to hunker down on earth with a family for awhile.

Potential adopters can visit the shelter at 125 N. 21st Street , Atchison, KS 66002 call 913-367-DOGS, visit their Facebook page or email [email protected].

Domino: Dumb Friends League, Denver, CO


Domino is a furry little guy, just 13 months young. A gerbil by birth, a friend at heart, he’s looking for a forever home where he can burrow, dig and play. He’d also love another gerbil to pal around with.

Potential adopters can call (303) 751-5772 or visit the website

Cherry Darling: Bombshell Bullies Pit Bull Rescue, Vernon Hills, IL


Cherry Darling is a gorgeous pocket pittie with a serious enthusiasm for life. According to the folks at Bombshell Bullies, this three-year-old stunner was found starving and chained up in a back yard, half bald. These days she’s fully recovered, and is a sassy, energetic gal who loves to swim and adores water of any kind. She’d be thrilled to make herself at home in an active household as an only child.

Potential adopters can email [email protected] or [email protected], or call 847-212-3447.

Lead image source: Wikimedia Commons