Recently, we shared the story of Possum, a Husky puppy who was surrendered to a shelter by her breeder when a back leg deformity prevented her from quickly finding a home. Fortunately, the puppy was taken in by Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) for care. Now, thanks to the dedication of her rescuers, little Possum is starting her new life, in a home that is a real dream come true!

After taking Possum under their wing, the TAF team was relieved to learn that she was not suffering due to the deformity of her hind legs – on the contrary, the pup was “happy as could be and was none the wiser that her run was more of a hop.” It turned out that Possum had reverse tibial abnormalities in both her rear legs, which means that the long bones in her back legs are practically backward. The puppy’s radiologist believes that she is a true dwarf – which is a congenital issue that will keep her small in size. Possum also has some extra toes, however, that does not cause her any discomfort.

At the charity, Possum was paired up with TAF’s momma therapy dog, Antler – and she quickly proceeded to wear out her new companion with her classic puppy energy!

After careful consideration, Possum’s caretakers decided that it would be best for the puppy to find a forever home that could keep monitoring her growth and provide her with specialized care.

Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, massage, and chiropractic care are all being used to help her build up her core strength as well as improve her balance and coordination.

This sweet pup received countless adoption applications. “Even though all of them were great, and would have made for fantastic homes, we had to go with our #1 pick,” the carers write – they chose one of the vets from Possum’s own medical team!

“Possum’s mom is her vet and her dad is a physical therapist” – which is a perfect arrangement for the little Husky. This way, Possum will have access to every treatment she may ever need, let alone the fact that “her mom and dad will love her unconditionally … seven toes and all.”


It’s hard to imagine a more ideal ending to Possum’s rescue story! She is now living her best puppy life with her new family in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, deformities and illnesses are common amongst dogs from breeders, as they are bred to have very specific traits and their gene pool is limited. Because of this, it’s always best to ADOPT and not shop for a dog, to ensure you aren’t contributing to any unintended cruelty.

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All image source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook