Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter just took in a puppy who may be compact in size but whose heart, and will to live the greatest life she can, is huge.

Gracie was born with no front left limb and barely any functionality in her right one – but she absolutely refuses to give up on anything.

Thanks to the remarkable contributions the puppy received from amazing people who could help her, she now receives regular therapy and has a little wheelchair that was made especially for her.

When Gracie came to the shelter, she was barely a month old and, as her caretakers say, she has been a great inspiration to them ever since that moment.



Little Gracie really wants and deserves every opportunity to grow and learn about the world. It is because of her wonderful caretakers and helpers that she can do exactly that, even though her start into the world was far from easy.

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All image source: Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter/Facebook