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Rescuers from Guardians of the Voiceless have the wonderful luck of meeting many big-hearted people during their daily rescue missions. Many of those kind souls are children – they may be small, but their dedication to helping furry friends in need is immense. Recently, two ailing puppies, Moku and Nemo, were saved from the streets and the “little Guardians” were a big part of their rescue and recovery journey.

Moku and Nemo, although just a few weeks old, were already in a bad shape.

Moku had a deeply infected wound on her neck, which had turned into an abscess, while Nemo suffered from a skin fungus that covered half of his little body …

The Guardians were humbled to find that, in spite of their pain, the two puppies were still incredibly loving and trusting, patient with their rescuers and their little helpers. “They indeed melted our hearts!”

After treating Moku and Nemo’s wounds, the Guardians took them to the vet for further emergency care that would revive the weak and fragile puppies.

The rescuers have been keeping both baby dogs with them, giving them all the care they need – with the help from the “little Guardians.” Thanks to their efforts, the pups are getting better day by day.

“It is truly amazing what the power of love can do!” the Guardians said.


Moku and Nemo were fortunately saved, treated, and are now recovering well. They are already looking for the best home possible.

If you are interested in adopting Moku and Nemo, contact the Guardians here. You can help Guardians of the Voiceless save more lives by making a donation.

All image source: Guardians of the Voiceless/Facebook