Border Small Animal Rescue, an organization from Albury, Australia, received a call about a dog family in urgent need of help. A Border Collie mamma and her five puppies were abandoned in a startling manner – the mamma was thrown over a seven-foot fence and the babies were dumped in the locked drop off pen while the animal shelter was unmanned. Fortunately, the dogs ended up in good hands and they are now safely in a foster home, beginning their recovery.

After being abandoned at the shelter, the Border Collie and her puppies were left with no access to water and were desperate to be reunited.

The rescuers are not sure how long the mamma and her babies were apart.

The Collie was emaciated and plagued with fleas, visibly neglected.

Although the “beautiful natured” mamma is only 12 to 18 months old, it is clear that her current litter was not her first one …

The puppies – two girls and three boys – are just around six weeks old.

Sadly, one of them is unable to bear weight on a rear leg due to an injury that must have been left untreated for some time.


The rescue is hoping to collect enough funds to get the puppy’s injured leg assessed and afford the dogs’ treatment and care. As it is, the charity is funded solely on donations and the adoption fees they receive.

You can donate to help the little family by making a donation through the charity’s bank account – find details here. To learn more about Border Small Animal Rescue, click here.

All image source: Border Small Animal Rescue/Facebook