When it comes to finding a forever home, there are a few demographics of pets in shelters who get the short end of the stick. Kittens and puppies are the most likely to be adopted, while senior animals often end up calling the shelter their permanent residence. Special needs animals, specifically those who live with a physical disability, are also less likely to find a family with humans who visit the shelter in hopes of finding their new best friend. But from what we’ve seen, physical disability does not coincide with any animal’s ability to love. That’s why at Adăpostul Speranța, a dog shelter in Romania, they see to it that every disabled dog who ends up there gets the chance at life that they deserve.

At Adăpostul Speranța, every dog’s life, no matter what their physical capabilities, is valuable. Instead of putting disabled dogs to sleep, this shelter sees to it that every dog who needs a wheelchair gets one.

The shelter believes that with proper care, every dog can live a happy life. Looking at these photos, we can tell that these pups have nothing to be sad about.

The only difference between these happy puppies and able-bodied dogs are the wheelchairs that help them race around and play.

According to the shelter, “the happiness of our paraplegic dogs is our reward.” Warms your heart, doesn’t it?




Able-bodied or not, every pup’s life is worth saving — and we’re glad that Adăpostul Speranța understands that. However, some wheelchairs have worn out and with the Romanian winter approaching fast, the shelter does not currently have the means to pay for new ones. But we can help keep these pups’ tails wagging.

Read more about how you can help Adăpostul Speranța give wheelchairs to their resident dogs by going here. To learn more about them, visit their official website.

All image source: Adăpostul Speranța/Facebook