An eight-week-old Husky puppy was recently surrendered to an open-access shelter after her breeder was unable to find a home for the little one. The Husky has a back leg deformity so the breeder, seeing the puppy for her dollar value, likely didn’t know how he could make a profit on a dog with a deformity and decided to abandon her instead.

Thankfully, Trio Animal Foundation (TAF), a non-profit organization based in Chicago, came to the rescue of the puppy.


TAF rushed the puppy, now adorably named Possum, to their partner vet. Her exam was normal, except for the leg deformities, TAF shared on Facebook. Several X-rays were taken with different views to try to figure out why Possum has trouble walking. 

The vet concluded that Possum has reverse tibial abnormalities in both rear legs, which essentially means her long bones are backward. Other X-rays were normal so TAF can now rule out hip and back issues. 

TAF shared that Possum can get around fine and doesn’t know anything is different about herself. TAF’s main concern is her quality of life as she gets older. 

Click the video below to see Possum walking. We are grateful to know that Possum is in the best possible hands with TAF!



When a breeder saw a lost profit, TAF saw a loving, affectionate dog who deserved a chance at a life full of happiness. Sadly, each year in the U.S., six to eight million dogs and cats find themselves in animal shelters, with only about three million finding their forever home. Of the dogs brought into shelters, approximately 35 percent of them are purebreds, indicating that, although many purebred dogs are purchased as puppies, lots of them will still end up meeting the same fate as the rest.

The bottom line is that when you buy, others die. Please, ALWAYS adopt and never shop and encourage your friends and family to do the same!

If you’d like to make a donation towards Possum’s care, you can donate here. For more information about Trio Animal Foundation, click here.


Image Source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook