Despite the fact that cats and dogs are the most popular companion animals among humans, there are over 600 million homeless cats and dogs in the world. Whether they were born stray or abandoned by their guardians, these animals all share the need for a good home. Due to the huge volume of homeless animals in the world and limited space and resources in shelters, only a small fraction ever find their way to a forever home. Sadly, this means that many animals are put down or become extremely depressed while waiting for their perfect family to come along. To make matters worse, many people believe that they have to purchase a pet from a breeder or pet store despite the vast availability of shelter animals.

One animal shelter in Brazil, however, set out to change this by working with a local pet shop to display their animals who were up for adoption. Knowing that the people coming into the shop were looking for a new four-legged best friend, the animal shelter decided that they would allow people to adopt their needy animals, free of charge, in exchange for a lifelong, loving home.


Seeing the bond between the shelter animals and the kind people who came to rescue them is such to brighten your day. When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you’re not only getting a new best friend but you’re saving a life!